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Costa del Sol -The most southern Spanish coast on the Mediterranean Sea. The ancient Muslim fortress and European Gothic, simple fishing villages and luxury villas of aristocrats, scorching sun sand and the cold waters of Gibraltar are surprisingly intertwined.

Costa del Sol is translated as “sun coast”. Sunny Beach, this southern part of Spain can be called rightfully: here 325 sunny days a year, and the sea is very warm, and the swimming season begins a little earlier and end a little later than other Spanish coasts of the Mediterranean. Mountains surround the beaches from the mainland and do not let the cold north wind to the coast. There is no sweltering heat and cool currents coming periodically Gibraltar nice cool swim in the sea during the hottest months of summer; Winter, as such, does not happen, the temperature does not drop below 20 degrees. Therefore, the Costa del Sol is such an attractive destination for tourists of all ages at any time of the year. Here you can safely go both with the small children, and older children, as a mild and pleasant climate is easily tolerated at any age. The beaches of the Costa del Sol are exemplary, and are awarded the blue flag – the sign ecological purity. A variety of natural landscapes is ideal for those who love nature: wide sand bars, rocky coves with pebble beaches and fresh breezes will bring you much joy.

Traces of many great civilizations have remained in the Spanish province of Andalusia and its coast in the Costa del Sol to the present day. An example is founded by the Phoenicians more than 3 100 years ago, Cadiz is considered the oldest city in Western Europe. They left their mark, and the Roman Empire, as well as Moors, who ruled in Andalusia almost 800 years and is considered an architectural complex created by them Alhambra paradise on Earth. Andalusia is literally crammed with outstanding attractions, and many of its cities are open-air museums. Moreover, many sights classified by UNESCO on the World Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Fairy-tale palaces, grand mosques stunning, beautiful rocky coastline with the warmest sea in Europe, the proximity of Morocco – all this makes Andalusia an unusually attractive edge for the visitors.

Costa del Sol is considered a resort for aristocrats and wealthy people, which, of course, something which affects the price level; here love to relax the offspring of the most famous aristocratic families of Europe, besides the Costa del Sol – a very “English seaside resort.” It is the first Anglo-Saxons have chosen this coast and keep the palm among tourists so far. Therefore, on the Costa del Sol, the most golf courses, hotel staff and local travel agencies most “locked up” in the English and in the local cafes and restaurants often take into account the way the British preference.

Nature has generously bestowed upon this southern Spanish coast varied landscape and mild climate.

The beauty of Andalusia – in the friendly smiles of the people, the flavor of olives ripened under the warm sun, exquisite seafood, emotional dance flamenco and bullfighting dangerous.