Bella Mar Estate Group is a Spanish company, specializing in residential properties leasing on the Costa del Sol and offering a wide range of associated services, such as finding tenants, making repairs of various complexity, current services of apartments, villas and townhouses.

With our assistance any residential property will bring high stable income. We offer you two ways of cooperation:

  • short-term leasing
  • long-term leasing.

Let’s study the pros and cons of each way.

1. If you want to make the most profit from your properties you can lease it for short periods to tourists. In this case, you must take the following steps:

  • prepare your housing for rent in accordance with customer requests and requirements of the Registry of Tourism of Spain
  • ensure high occupancy
  • establish a permanent housing service (check-in and check-out, cleaning, laundry, current repairs).

These steps require certain knowledge and experience from you, as well as considerable time and efforts.

To prepare your housing for rent you will have to make some changes of the interior or maybe even serious repair and finishing works, or total replacing of furnishings and fill it with all necessary appliances and utensils. According to the Spanish law it is necessary to register your vacation premises in the Register of Tourism.

To ensure high occupancy you will have to provide professional photography, post your information on appropriate websites, cooperate with travel companies, handle inquiries in various languages, conclude lease contracts and track payments.

The appropriate staff throughout the year is essential for the property service.

Advantages — maximum benefit.

Disadvantages — high costs at the initial stage, constant time spending, staff costs, unpredictable results. In case of unsuccessful strategy you will not get even a half of the expected revenues.

Bella Mar Estate Group has sufficient experience and resources to be your agent in a short-term residential property leasing.

2. Our company can rent your property for a long period, we prepare it for short-term sublising at our expence and throughout the term of the lease agreement carry out the housing service. Briefly it is as follows:

  • we conclude a long term lease agreement (5 years and more)
  • Bella Mar Estate Group carries out necessary repair and finishing works at its own expense
  • the company, at its own expense, creates an attractive interior including a full set of furniture, textiles, decorative items and all kinds of utensils
  • Mar Bella Estate Group finds short-term tenants
  • the company maintains the property in excellent condition, makes regular cleaning and routine repairs if needed. The object is continuously monitored by our staff.
  • Bella Mar Estate Group pays all community fees, bills for electricity and water.
  • At the end of the rental period you can either continue leasing your property at the best prices yourself or keep on cooperating with Bella Mar Estate Group. In this case, we take care of any aspect of finding tenants and ongoing maintenance.


  • due to Bella Mar investments your housing becomes more attractive and competitive for leasing or sale
  • you constantly get a stipulated rental payment
  • you don’t spend a cent (investments in property can range from several thousand to several tens of thousand euro)
  • you don’t spend a minute of your time, you have no headache, you do not risk
  • in order to get the maximum profit our company is interested in maintaining the housing in perfect condition. Besides that upon signing the lease agreement we pay security deposit for the case of premature termination of the contract on our initiative
  • Bella Mar Estate Group is registered in the Register of Tourism and operates in strict accordance with the requirements of this body.


  • lower returns.

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